25th Apr2013

Saturday Slugfest X Results – April 19th 2013

by chris@gameclucks.com

Information provided by Deniz

Saturday Slugfest X is now over and attendance was crazy

– 35 entrants for AE 2012
– 32 for UMvC3
– 26 for Injustice
– 18 for TTT2
– 13 for KOF XIII
– 12 for SCV
– 8 for SFxT 2013
– 8 for P4U
– 7 for MK

It was crazy busy. All the brackets can be found at http://gameclucks.challonge.com/ and the archive’s at http://www.twitch.tv/teamkhaos/b/393560094

I was busier than usual so I missed a lot from the tournament, but here’s what I remembered
– Door Table (https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/61934_10151647814010348_222834619_n.jpg)
– Sam temporarily forgiving Rat and getting super hype during UMvC3 finals
– We ran out of booze
– Shaka was really sad about that
– We found 3 last minute entries for SFxT, unfortunately for those that entered, those entries were Jeff, Duncan, and Cole
– Although Cole got DQ’d
– For the sake of stream monsters everywhere, Deathstroke did not win our release tourney (although he got to Grand Finals)
– Cole DID stick around for Injustice
– Cam let me down by not getting top 8 (nooooo!)
– but Danger Room was still in there thanks to White Travis (top 50 PSN ._.)
– I still wish Kevin could’ve made it 🙁
– Cam played Shuma in UMvC3
– As a result, he lost the first round
– He then messed up people’s day in losers
– Kyle from Olympia (Ar3s) has to have the worst bracket luck out of anyone I know
– Wilson took out Shaka where Kyle couldn’t (the [fake] DR vs HoW rivalry grows)
– Shaka lost in the worst way possible against Cam
– Once again, this is where the booze really could’ve helped
– #CANADARRYN took it
– BionicFraud remains one of my favorite handles (he made top 8)
– TTT2 ended up with the buffest tournament since probably before I entered the scene o_O
– kof
– Sam B took it 🙁
– largest kof tournament since ???
– 35 person AE tournament!
– Gieft was told his next match was Jeff, he then walked out
– Cole was kind of around for this due to the efforts of John and Barry lining up matches for him
– Armand took out 2 TKD members, confirmed to hate TKD
– TKD|Wahng got the furthest if you don’t count Ceramic
– Fawwaz got the furthest in SRKUW, next was Armand at 7th
– SRKUW had 4 representatives! (Fawwaz, Armand, Randall, and Eric)
– P4U happened on the door table
– We started out as a 5 man round robin and grew to an 8-man
– Sam got air throw over and over
– I’m pretty sure he spent most of his rounds trying to instant kill
– My record against Matt is now something like 1-6, suck it
– Also, I won (wat)
– Unfortunately, I gained, like, no Deniz Points™
– #FuckDenizPoints™

Oh yeah, I’ll post up P4U and UMvC3. AE 2012 will have to wait

22nd Jan2013

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 4v4 at GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

February 23rd will be our first Call of Duty event in some time. We will be running Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360 in a 4v4 format. Lots of details still to reveal on this event. Game Types and exact format will be announced the first week of February.

Follow this event on our Facebook page for it at https://www.facebook.com/events/465487436846363/

22nd Jan2013

StarCraft2 Heart of the Swarm opening scene

by chris@gameclucks.com

Check it out! The opening scene for HotS. Do not forget our March SC2 1v1 will be on the 23rd and it will be HotS!

20th Jan2013

Halo4 4v4 Event coming on March 9th 2013

by chris@gameclucks.com

March 9th will be our first official Halo4 4v4 tournament. Our All Night LANs the last few months have featured Halo4 and we have run some 2’s and FFAs, but coming in March will be the first official 4v4 tournament at GameClucks.

Entry fee will be $80 per team, with 70% of the entry going to the Prize Pool, and the top 2 teams splitting that amount in a 70%/30% split.  If we get more then 12 teams, we will pay out to 3rd place also in a 60%/30%/10% split.

Halo has been the most successful game at GameClucks across its almost 10 years of being open and we hope Halo4 will continue that trend!


20th Jan2013

Heart of the Swarm arrives in March 2013

by chris@gameclucks.com

Starting with our March 23rd StarCraft2 event, we will be switching to Heart of the Swarm! This latest expansion for StarCraft2 adds a whole new element to the game and should be a great way to get new players into the StarCraft2 scene, as well as keep current SC2 fans engaged, as the game has changed!

Our StarCraft2 events are $15 to enter, $10 goes towards the Prize Pool.