18th Jun2016

July 2016 is the relaunch of GameClucks!

by chris@gameclucks.com

We have been working hard the last two weeks in remodeling the inside of GameClucks. New paint, new tables, new look.

With this will come a relaunch of what we do.

GameClucks has become an Event Based venue. What this means, is that we will not be open daily for walk in business, but instead be open based on booked events. Our Monday Smash Bros and Thursday Fighting Game events have taken up a lot of our space. We have added Halo to Fridays and will be bringing some of our Monthly events back in house as well.

With this new focus, we are slimming down the computer section to focus on the console events. We will have between five and ten computers up on a  regular basis, with the ability to expand to 30 for PC based events.
Consoles will have daily space for 10-12 of them to be up at all time for our main events.

The new schedule will look something like this:
Monday 3pm-10pm: Smash Bros Melee, Project M and Smash4. $5 Venue Fee and $2 Bracket entriesTuesday: Closed (future event being planned)
Wednesday: Closed (future event being planned)
Thursday 5pm-Midnight: Fight Night ft Street Fighter, Guilty Gear and more. $5 Venue, Optional Brackets
Friday 5pm-1am: Halo 5 every other Friday. $10 Venue
Saturday: Tournaments, schedule to be posted as they come up.
Sunday: Closed (future event being planned)