03rd Aug2016

The International 6 DotA2 Event Weeks at GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/222991821429822/

GameClucks is ready for the DotA2 crowd! 15-20 PCs ready to go!

In the last few years we have been a major stop in the TI DotA2 experience!
With visits and boot camps from teams like Complexity, Absolute Legends, LGD-Int, Orange, NaVi, EG, C9, Zenith, mTw and more, we are able to host some amazing DotA2 LANs.

During the TI6 we will be open daily 5pm-Midnight, with PC ready to go!

$10 for 3 hrs

Have a group? Call us at 425 775 2240, tweet us @gameclucks or PM us on Facebook!