25th Apr2013

Saturday Slugfest X Results – April 19th 2013

by chris@gameclucks.com

Information provided by Deniz

Saturday Slugfest X is now over and attendance was crazy

– 35 entrants for AE 2012
– 32 for UMvC3
– 26 for Injustice
– 18 for TTT2
– 13 for KOF XIII
– 12 for SCV
– 8 for SFxT 2013
– 8 for P4U
– 7 for MK

It was crazy busy. All the brackets can be found at http://gameclucks.challonge.com/ and the archive’s at http://www.twitch.tv/teamkhaos/b/393560094

I was busier than usual so I missed a lot from the tournament, but here’s what I remembered
– Door Table (https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/61934_10151647814010348_222834619_n.jpg)
– Sam temporarily forgiving Rat and getting super hype during UMvC3 finals
– We ran out of booze
– Shaka was really sad about that
– We found 3 last minute entries for SFxT, unfortunately for those that entered, those entries were Jeff, Duncan, and Cole
– Although Cole got DQ’d
– For the sake of stream monsters everywhere, Deathstroke did not win our release tourney (although he got to Grand Finals)
– Cole DID stick around for Injustice
– Cam let me down by not getting top 8 (nooooo!)
– but Danger Room was still in there thanks to White Travis (top 50 PSN ._.)
– I still wish Kevin could’ve made it 🙁
– Cam played Shuma in UMvC3
– As a result, he lost the first round
– He then messed up people’s day in losers
– Kyle from Olympia (Ar3s) has to have the worst bracket luck out of anyone I know
– Wilson took out Shaka where Kyle couldn’t (the [fake] DR vs HoW rivalry grows)
– Shaka lost in the worst way possible against Cam
– Once again, this is where the booze really could’ve helped
– #CANADARRYN took it
– BionicFraud remains one of my favorite handles (he made top 8)
– TTT2 ended up with the buffest tournament since probably before I entered the scene o_O
– kof
– Sam B took it 🙁
– largest kof tournament since ???
– 35 person AE tournament!
– Gieft was told his next match was Jeff, he then walked out
– Cole was kind of around for this due to the efforts of John and Barry lining up matches for him
– Armand took out 2 TKD members, confirmed to hate TKD
– TKD|Wahng got the furthest if you don’t count Ceramic
– Fawwaz got the furthest in SRKUW, next was Armand at 7th
– SRKUW had 4 representatives! (Fawwaz, Armand, Randall, and Eric)
– P4U happened on the door table
– We started out as a 5 man round robin and grew to an 8-man
– Sam got air throw over and over
– I’m pretty sure he spent most of his rounds trying to instant kill
– My record against Matt is now something like 1-6, suck it
– Also, I won (wat)
– Unfortunately, I gained, like, no Deniz Points™
– #FuckDenizPoints™

Oh yeah, I’ll post up P4U and UMvC3. AE 2012 will have to wait