15th Jul2014

Natus Vincere visits GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

For the third year in a row, Natus Vincere has come to GameClucks to get in some extra practice during The International DotA2 event.

This years event, The International 4, boasts a $10.4 million prize pool, the largest in professional e-sports to date.

They are planning to be at GameClucks Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but their exact schedule is not set yet.
We are charging a spectator fee of $5, as we are giving NaVi the time on the computers for free, as a show of gratitude for their continued support of GameClucks!

Here are a couple of pictures of them in action at GC!

10297737_10152329011213208_4344192043272353243_n 10449936_10152329011208208_3149263983646972602_n BsnlfJwCAAAMYOB