.: From GameClucks Inc to GamersHaven LLC

In May of 2002 GameClucks was born. 4 Xbox’s w/TV’s and 8 PC’s formed what is now the oldest LAN Center in Washington State.

With a definate focus on Xbox play as the initial business model, within a month, 4 more PCs had been added and 60% of the business was PC based. By the 4th month, GC was up to 16 PC’s connected to a T1 and the business was retooled with a PC focus for daily business and Xbox tournament play as the big monthly hit.

Since its inception, GC has been widely known as the home of some of the top Halo/Halo2 players in Washington and the West Coast. Ryan Erickson, one of the owners, also organized and ran the IVGF tournament at GC, drawing more then 200 players for a Halo FFA and a SSBM. Total prizes for these events was well over $20,000 and had people coming from 8 states and atleast 3 countries (USA, Canada and Japan).

With a couple of partner changes at GC over the last few years, came some different outlooks and ideas, all of which helped GC maintain its position as the premier Halo/Halo2 tournament center in Washington.

In January of 2006, GameClucks was purchased by GamersHaven LLC and new management took over. Chris Anderson and his collection of partners in GamersHaven LLC have done their best to continue the traditions of GC, by holding regular Halo2, Halo3, SSBM and SSBB tournaments, as well as an occasional CS 1.6 tournament (of which GH:GC holds the recent record for Largest CS Tournament in Washington LAN Center History).

2010 has opened a new chapter in the history of GameClucks, as a new partnership group was formed and new life brought into GC. A remodel (paint, desks and carpet), some new computers and additional Xbox 360’s. With these changes come some new programs and new faces as well!
Currently GH:GC is home to twenty PC’s, connected to 20/20 FIOS, eight Xbox’s, eight Xbox 360’s, two GameCubes and two Wii’s all networked and connected to a mix of traditional tube TVs for Smash, and LCDs for everything else..
We are known for having the best pings in Washington for our PC’s, the best Halo/Halo2/Halo3 players in the PNW and the best Halo and SSBB/SSBM tournaments in the PNW as well.

Come on down and see what it is all about!

–Chris Anderson
Managing Partner
GamersHaven LLC DBA GameClucks