11th Dec2012

StarCraft2/DotA2 for December gets a change up!!

by chris@gameclucks.com

So the December SC2 and DotA2 events are all changed up!

DotA2 LAN is now Dec 22nd from Noon – 1am
$15 for GC Comp
$10 for BYOC

The BIG CHANGE is in the SC2 events.. we had a Boot Camp planned for Dec 23rd and a 1v1 for Dec 29th. We have cancelled the Dec 23rd Boot Camp to focus on the Dec 29th SC2 1v1.

The reason for this is we will have a special guest at the 1v1 event, EGiNcontroL will be in house, along with almost all of Team LighT as well as Ranged and Sonic and likely Auir. That is 7+ Grand Master level players at GameClucks. Who else may come out of the wood work for this? Carter? Sterling? Cecil? Sony?

The Dec 29th StarCraft2 1v1 event is sure to be a HUGE event!

The FaceBook Page for this is at https://www.facebook.com/events/300329100072902/

You can follow EGiNcontroL on Twitter @EGiNcontroL
GameClucks is at (what else) @GameClucks
KawaiiRice is at @KawaiiRiceLighT

Its $15 to participate in the 1v1 Event and $5 to Spectate




11th Dec2012

Week Pass and Group rates updated!

by chris@gameclucks.com

We have made some changes to our Rates to start 2013 off.

If you are a Current Week Pass client, these rates will not effect you until Jan 1st 2013, for everyone else, well, should have been a Week Pass person already 🙂

Group and Birthday Rates also have been adjusted, but if you have your party booked already, the old pricing is locked in for it.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday: 2pm – 10pm
Friday: 2pm – 1am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

Daily and Hourly Rates
$4 per Hour
$10 for 3 Hours
$15 for a Day Pass
$20 for 8 Hours

Weekly Rates
$45 for a Week Pass
$30 for Member Week Pass (see below)

$20 for a 1 Year Membership.
Membership gives you a reduced rate on the Weekly Pass Rate. Reducing it from $45 to $30

Group Rates

9 – 14 People:     $35 per Hour, 2 Hour Minimum
15+ People:        $45 per Hour, 2 Hour Minimum

Birthday Party Packages
Option #1
12-20 People includes 3 Large Pizza’s, 4 2 litres of Pop or Juice and 2 Hours of Gaming.
As a gift we will give the birthday person 3 hours of free Gaming time for future use!

Option #2
12-20 People includes 3 Large Pizza’s, 4 2 litres of Pop or Juice, 2 dozen Cupcakes (from Frosted Cupcakes) and 2 Hours of Gaming.
As a gift we will give the birthday person 3 hours of free Gaming time for future use!
1 Week advanced notice needed for Option #2

30th Nov2012

StarCraft2 event in December set to shake some things up!

by chris@gameclucks.com

Going to do something a little different…

The Tournament is for Bronze+Silver and Gold+Plat ONLY. So lets try and focus some Bronze – Plat to this event and get them some practice in!

We will also do a BootCamp session for anyone that wishes to come.

I will work something out with Ranged/Sonic and/or Kawaii/Caliber/Tilea to help the Plat and below in their 1v1 events and to get anyone that wishes to level up some advice and game break down.

Bronze-Plat Event is $15 Entry ($5 Venue, $10 Prize Pool)
Both events will pay out Top 2 at a 70%, 30% structure.

Boot Camp session is $20 per Person with a part of that going to the Trainers and GameClucks will also buy pizza or sandwiches for the group also.

More details coming as I nail them down.

I really want to find new Bronze – Plats for this, so we can rebuild from the bottom up and get the SC2 Community growing again!

30th Nov2012

DotA2/Halo4 Mini LAN on Nov 30th

by chris@gameclucks.com

I know we just had the huge DotA2 LAN, but we have had almost daily in house games at GC the last few days, so lets maybe get some more in house going on Friday???

2pm – 1am
$15, which will inc Pizza at about 8pm if we have more 10 ppl for DotA2. ($12 BYOC since I am paying for pizza)
Pizza will be reserved for DotA2 ppl (unless someone else at GC throws $5 in for Pizza)

I will reserve Comps 1-10 for this, up until 7pm, then if not sold for DotA, I will open them up for other use.

HALO4 LAN also going on!
$10 per Person (extra for Pizza)


Facebook Event for this is at https://www.facebook.com/events/411307342276285/

23rd Nov2012

Pacific Northwest Road to EVO update

by chris@gameclucks.com

Our friends at Northwest Majors added us to their website for the PNWR2E, since they are hosting the grand finals for this event. Check the article out!