05th Sep2012

StarCraft2 1v1 Tournament

by chris@gameclucks.com

GameClucks/Game Zone
3333 184th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98037
(By Alderwood Mall)

Entry Fee: $15 ($5 Venue, $10 Prize Pool)Registration Opens at NOON and closes 15 mins before Bracket Start Time
Qual Brackets start at 1pm
M+GM/Finals Bracket starts at 5pm

Qual Brackets:
Bronze + Silver
Gold + Plat
Top 4 places from each Qual Bracket will move on to the Final Bracket
Top 2 places will split 33% of the Qual Bracket Entry Money

Final Bracket:
Masters+ Grand Masters + Top placers from Qual Brackets
Top 3 places will split balance of Prize Pool money 60%, 30%, 10%

Map Pool:
Latest MLG maps + GSL Maps
Map Pool subject to change based on newest pool from GSL and MLG

MLG Version:
Shakuras Plat
Antiga Shipyard

GSL Version:
Cloud Kingdom LE

NOS Energy Drinks for Free NOS all day long!!
Plantronics for setting us up with all new Headsets!

Live Stream at http://www.twitch.tv/gameclucks

Some of our regular players are KawaiiRice, Caliber and Knight all from Team LighT, Ranged, Rocker and others!

BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND PLAYERS are encouraged to come to these events! You have your own group of brackets that pay cash prizes!

05th Sep2012

All Night LAN

by chris@gameclucks.com

The World Famous All Night LAN!

The First Friday of the Month, every month.

3pm Friday – 7am Saturday

$20 for PC
$15 for Xbox
BYOComputer and get in for $15

League of Legends
Call of Duty
and more…

Free NOS Energy Drinks with full paid entry
Burger Deals at California Burger next door

05th Sep2012

Thursday Night Fights @ GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

Update schedule and games a little.

Entry and Venue:
$3 Venue (Everyone that comes in)
$5 KoF, VF5, Persona 4
$10 AE, UMvC3

Games List:
AE 2012 ($10)
UMvC3 ($10)
KoF13 ($5)
VF5 ($5)
Persona 4 ($5)
Tekken Tag 2 ($5)

5:00pm- Doors Open
7:00pm – KoF, VF5, Persona 4
8:00pm – UMvC3, TT2
9:00pm – AE

5 or Less people: Winner Take All
6 – 11 People: 75%, 25%
12 or More people: 70%. 20%, 10%

Bracket Structure:
5 or Less Players: Round Robin
6+ Players Double Elim Bracket

05th Sep2012

Tuesday Madden13 Events @ Dante’s

by chris@gameclucks.com

Tuesday’s we will be hosting Madden13 event at Dante’s in the University District of Seattle.

The schedule as of right now for 2012 is: Sept 11th, Sept 25th, Oct 23rd (I am on vacation the first part of October)

Dante’s in UDistrict
5300 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA

5pm – 10pm
$5 Registration + $10 Tournament

Prize Pool Payouts:
4 or Less People: Winner take all Round Robin event
5-11 People: 1st 70%, 2nd 30%, Single Match, Double Elim bracket
12+ People: 1st 70%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 10%, Single Match, Double Elim bracket

For FULL RULES see KOTCNation.com (ex Bracket set up, see below)

All Madden
Home Field Adv OFF
Auto Sprint OFF
Game Speed Normal
Ice Kicker OFF
Auto Strafe OFF
Injuries ON
5 min Quarters (possible chance to 3 or 4 min though as we evaluate this game and how it runs)

21 Point Mercy Rule (Except WF, LF and GF)

Banned Plays:
No QB Spy Nano Blitz Glitch
No FG or punt Blocks
Onside Kicks ONLY if losing in the 4th
No WR double pass glitch
No manual Blitz though A, B, C Gap

Custom Play books not allowed
No-Huddle after an incomplete pass is prohibited

Madden13 Rule Set very subject to change as glitches in the game are figured out.
05th Sep2012

Saturday Slugfest @ Dante’s

by chris@gameclucks.com

Dante’s in UDistrict
5300 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA

Entry and Venue:
$5 Venue (Casuals or Tournament – Stick/Controller in hand, you pay)
$10 for KoF, AE and UMvC3
$5 for other Games

Games List:
AE 2012 ($10)
UMvC3 ($10)
KoF13 ($10)
SCV ($5)
VF5 ($5)
MK9 ($5)
Persona 4 ($5)
Tekken Tag 2 ($5)

Noon – Doors Open
3:00pm – MK9, SCV, TT2
5:00pm – UMvC3, KoF
6:00pm – Persona 4
8:00pm – AE, VF5

11 or Less people: 75%, 25%
12 or More people: 70%. 20%, 10%