28th Dec2012

EGiNcontroL to be at the GameClucks SC2 1v1 Event on Saturday!

by chris@gameclucks.com

This Saturday (Dec 29th) is our monthly StarCraft2 1v1 event which features such players as KawaiiRice, Tilea, Rocker, Sonic, Ranged, Tara Babcock and more.

This month however we have a special guest coming for the event — Evil Genius’ own iNcontroL! One of the top personalities in the SC2 world! He is stopping by to compete and maybe cast (?) some games at our event!

Details on this event can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/300329100072902/


28th Dec2012

Saturday Slugfest returns to GameClucks! Jan 12th 2013

by chris@gameclucks.com

The January 12th Saturday Slugfest event will be at GameClucks again this month!

With the recent departure from our home at Dante’s in the UDistrict, we have struggled to find the right venue to continue this EVO Sponsorship series.

So without a suitable venue in the Seattle area to go to, we will bring it back in house for January at least.
Details for this event are below:

Date: January 12th 2013

3333 184th St SW, Suite D
Lynnwood, WA 98037

Entry and Venue:
$5 Venue (Casuals or Tournament – Stick/Controller in hand, you pay)
$10 for AE and UMvC3
$5 for other Games

Games List:
AE 2012 ($10)
UMvC3 ($10)
KoF13 ($5)
SCV ($5)
VF5 ($5)
MK9 ($5)
Persona 4 ($5)
Tekken Tag 2 ($5)

4:00pm – Doors Open
5:00pm – MK9, SCV, TT2
6:00pm – UMvC3, KoF
7:00pm – Persona 4
8:00pm – AE, VF5

11 or Less people: 75%, 25%
12 or More people: 70%. 20%, 10%

Pacific Northwest Road to EVO2013:
AE and Marvel entries gain points based on finish place.
Every Registration/Venue gets a raffle ticket for the 3rd Sponsorship raffle.

Bring a FULL set up and get Free Venue at this event.
Bring a Monitor only and get $1 off Venue
Bring a Xbox or PS3 and Disks only and get $1 off Venue

We need 6 Set Ups. 5 Xbox and 2 PS3. First to arrive receive discount. If you bring yours and we have hit the limit, then you can either donate your set up for the event or put it back in your car. We can always use more, but we have limited funds we can play with for discounts and still maintain the financial integrity of the event.
Discount priority goes to complete set ups before parts.


24th Dec2012

Holiday Hours for Christmas Week

by chris@gameclucks.com

Christmas Eve Day: 2pm – 6pm
Christmas Day: 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 2pm – 10pm
Thursday: Closed for Private Party
Friday: 2pm – 1am
Saturday: StarCraft2 1v1 Event ft EG iNcontroL

12th Dec2012

TourneyLeague steps up its FGC commitment

by chris@gameclucks.com

TourneyLeague is not even built yet, not even in business yet and they just bought 3 set ups for the FGC in Seattle.

3 EVO Monitors will arrive at TL on Friday Dec 14th and the Xbox’s and game copies should be purchased Friday or Monday.  These set ups will be available for use for the Pacific Northwest Road to EVO2013 event series hosted by GameClucks and Another Castle Video Games.


TourneyLeague is a website portal that will unite LAN Gaming Events and aid organizers in obtaining sponsors and vendors for their events. TourneyLeague will provide a platform for organizers and players to promote their events, network with each other and build the LAN gaming community.

12th Dec2012

League of Legends LAN on Sat Dec 15th 2012

by chris@gameclucks.com

Check the Facebook Page for details at https://www.facebook.com/events/182261991913104/


$15 LoL Pass for all day long on a GC Comp
$10 for BYOC (all day)

This is not a Tournament, its a LAN to do some meet and greet between LoL’ers, run in house games with people you do not know, practice up and learn new things.

If you are 1600 ELO or less, this event is FOR YOU. We will have some 2000+ ELO players here to team with you, help you with strats and builds and get you use to higher level play to help make you Tournament ready!