03rd Aug2016

The International 6 DotA2 Event Weeks at GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/222991821429822/

GameClucks is ready for the DotA2 crowd! 15-20 PCs ready to go!

In the last few years we have been a major stop in the TI DotA2 experience!
With visits and boot camps from teams like Complexity, Absolute Legends, LGD-Int, Orange, NaVi, EG, C9, Zenith, mTw and more, we are able to host some amazing DotA2 LANs.

During the TI6 we will be open daily 5pm-Midnight, with PC ready to go!

$10 for 3 hrs

Have a group? Call us at 425 775 2240, tweet us @gameclucks or PM us on Facebook!

15th Jul2014

Natus Vincere visits GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

For the third year in a row, Natus Vincere has come to GameClucks to get in some extra practice during The International DotA2 event.

This years event, The International 4, boasts a $10.4 million prize pool, the largest in professional e-sports to date.

They are planning to be at GameClucks Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but their exact schedule is not set yet.
We are charging a spectator fee of $5, as we are giving NaVi the time on the computers for free, as a show of gratitude for their continued support of GameClucks!

Here are a couple of pictures of them in action at GC!

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26th Jun2014

Coming Events…

by chris@gameclucks.com

Make sure you check out our Events Page and Calendar for our latest events! We host 4-8 events per month! More than ANYONE on the West Coast.
You can also find our events listed on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/GameClucksLynnwood

We have weekly events forĀ  Smash brothers (SmashFest Mondays), Halo (Halo Wednesday) and Fighting Games (Thursday Night Fights).

Our monthly events include the GameClucks Monthly for Smash Bros Melee/Brawl/N64/PM; Saturday Slugfest for Street Fighter, Marvel, Tekken, Injustice and more; and DotA2 LANs.

We also occasionally run events for Call of Duty, League of Legends and Counter Strike.

We are the busiest LAN Center in the US!

23rd Nov2012

Recent new games at GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

November was a busy gaming month with the release of Halo4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, but in general 2012 has been a big year for top games.

Recent additions to the GC list are:
Battlefield 3 – two copies for PC and one for xbox.
Halo4 – three copies for xbox and a forth coming.
Black Ops 2 – one copy for xbox, and its loaded onto a couple PCs (your own account req for PC)

Additionally DotA2 is loaded onto fifteen GC comps, however you do need your own account to play this great MOBA.
Killing Floor and a few other Steam games are on some random GC comps, again your own account is needed to play almost all Steam based games.

With All Night LAN refocused on Halo4, SC2, LoL and DotA2, we are bound to be packed out for those events!

18th Sep2012

DotA2 at GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

We would like to get some DotA2 going in Seattle. Home of the TI2 and we do not have a local event series yet.
So this is it!

We would like to get some DotA2 Boot Camping going to get DotA2 fans into one room, play some random team scrims, and meet some new people. From there we will try and do tournaments.

September 29th 2012
GameClucks LAN Center (we hosted 5 of the TI2 teams for boot camp sessions before the TI2)
3333 184th St SW, Suite D
Lynnwood, WA 98037

$10 DotA2 LAN from 6pm – 1am’ish
BYOC if you wish. Def bring own keys and mouse if you wish
We have 15 comps that run DotA2 just fine and every comp has a brand new Plantronics GameCom 780 headset on it.

Lets try and get some DotA2 flowing so we can move toward tournaments!

TeamLiquid Event Post at http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=369148