05th Aug2014

GameClucks Smash Bros Event Aug 2nd 2014 Results

by chris@gameclucks.com

The August Smash Bros event at GC was nothing short of amazing yet again. More then 100 people in attendance. While we only truly track Melee and Project Melee at this event, we also ran Brawl 1v1 and 2v2 and N64 1v1 as well.

Results/brackets are as follows:

Melee 2v2 Bracket

Melee 1v1 Bracket

Project Melee 1v1 Bracket

22nd Jul2014

Weekly SmashFests are a hit!

by chris@gameclucks.com

Mondays at GameClucks have exploded recently with the addition of our weekly SmashFest!

Held every Monday from 2pm – 10pm, twenty to forty smashers gather for some friendlies and, sometimes,a  mini event for bragging rights only. With a $3 venue fee, we try and keep this event inexpensive and fun for anyone, any age and for any Smash Bros version, though the event is primarily Melee and PM, we have an occasional Brawl or N64 sighting as well!

Initially organized and proposed as a Friday one off event to host the Eastern Washington crew, some of the local Smashers asked for a weekly. Working with Cody Farr, we changed the day to Monday and launched this fest in early June.

Future SmashFests may include mini tournaments for free entries or prizes and possibly raffles for swag.

The Washington Smash Scene is strong and growing and Mondays are just a small part of that!

Come on down on Mondays, play some Smash, meet some new people and have a blast!

SmashFest Details:
$3 Venue fee for 2pm – 10pm
We have 8 TVs set up, just need Cubes/Wii’s on them.
All Smash is welcome.

18th Jun2014

SmashFest Monday launch is a huge hit!

by chris@gameclucks.com

When we decided to restart the SmashFest Mondays this week (June 16th), we expected eight to ten people, maybe twelve… not TWENTY FIVE PLUS!!!

With a $3.00 Cover Charge for a full evening of Smash Bros, we hope this trend continues and we get twenty plus every week.

Set up as a level up session, SmashFest Monday’s in the future could feature round robins, mini-tournaments, and ranking sof some type. Prizes would be things like free entry to the next GameClucks Monthly, or the next SmashFest Monday, maybe swag from sponsors, or even cash prizes.

Thanks for the huge response and showing for the first SmashFest Monday in a couple of years! See you next Monday!

13th Mar2013

March 2013 GameClucks Smash Bros Results

by chris@gameclucks.com
March 2013 GC Event

Melee 1v1
1: Silent Wolf
2: Bladewise
3: CIZ
4: Vish
5: Chip
5: FatmonsterJunk69
7: Vista
7: Foos Jr
9: Banana
9: T-Iceman
9: HotWasabi
9: Oreo
13: FoodProcessor
13: Ratking
13: Arti
13: Jizzard
17: No U
17: Kamaji
17: Opta
17: Valban
17: Gimpyfish62
17: Cryptic
17: B-Mello
17: Big Pookie
25: Envy
25: 1337haxor
25: CommonYoshi
25: Skim
25: Tofu
25: MickeyD
33: TheEpitomeOfLoss
33: Nade
33: ShoopdaWoop

Melee 2v2
1: Those Darn Niggaz (SilentWolf + CIZ)
2: Supernatural:Heavy Meditation (Gage + Eggz)
3: Bladewise+Vish (Bladewise + Vish)
4: Foos+Chip (Foos + Chip)
5: Phone Home (Ratking + Iceman)
5: VistaCookie (Vista + Oreo)
7: No U + Arti (No U + Arti)
7: Egg Rollers (Kamaji + Valban)
9: One-Two (Chief + Mike)
9: The Greez Machine (KOASTAR + Banana)
9: Team PLS (BigPookie + B-Mello)
9: CommonWasabi (Common Yoshi + Hot Wasabi)
13: Team Win (OPTA + Envy)

Project:M 1v1
1: Silent Wolf
2: Bladewise
3: Gimpyfish62
4: FatmonsterJunk69
5: Robocop
5: Vish
7: Fear
7: CIZ
9: No U
9: #FreeToby
9: Sagemoon
9: Banana
13: ShoopdaWoop
13: Kamaji
13: Sinister.Dad
13: Tofu
17: TheEpitomeOfLoss
17: Zerostar,hx
17: Foos Jr
17: 1337haxor