Don’t Give Up the House You Love. Renovate Instead

Because you don’t want to move, but do feel like making some changes to your current home, Ciappa Home Concepts has you covered. We’ve done more major remodels and renovations than we can remember. And even though major remodeling can be a huge pain in the (insert a fun word here), we take great care and pride in displacing you for as short a time as possible. With full crews to multitask (when possible) we make short work of hard projects.


Before the remodel


After renovations

Patios & Decks

When you want to spend a little more time enjoying the great outdoors and it requires a redo to the deck/patio or even adding a deck/patio to the back of the house, you gotta know Ciappa Home Concepts knows how to make it happen. From the simple to the extremely complex, we know how to …

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Second story room addition


Adding on to any part of your house can be a challenging job, but Ciappa Home Concepts knows how to create the new space, so it looks naturally and organically added to the home with minimized stress to the homeowner. You never want to see lines where the new space joins the existing area and …

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